Can you buy XRP on Coinbase?

hey everyone can you buy xrp with coinbase so if you just go to coinbase search for xrp you can see that it is trading not yet available um in the light of sex action out against ripple labs triton in xrp has been suspended as of january 19th 2021 uh xrp is a cryptocurrency used by the ripple payment network built for enterprise use xrp aims to be a fast const efficient cryptocurrency for cross-border payments so yep it's not available here on the coinbase unfortunately so there is let's just go to oops like coin geeko app so this is the app where you can discover basically where where you can buy different interesting coins so xrp so you can see here and exchanges it's available on binance on whitebeat only torx uh tococryp [Music] so yeah it's available elsewhere but not inclined by

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