Can you cash out in SocialRebel app?

a lot of people are asking if it's actually possible to cash out on social rebel app so here is the app where you can uh you know do some tasks such as you know do some online surveys test apps do qa for apps post something on social media do some little freelance work and earn revenue so this is similar to insta work but this is more like in digital work app where you can earn like few bucks like this it's some people here can earn a lot but majority you can just earn like a few dollars here and there and you know i don't advise to use this app or anything but maybe it can be worth a try just on your own consideration um yeah i'm just doing like a quick overview i'm still not completely sure if this app is really legit but in case you're interested if you want to sign up or not uh here's my account uh and then i would just want to like try to cash out because there are some like earnings some people clicked and basically it's not that easy uh so there is an icon so what you need to do like here they say you need to meet the following requirements for the first uh cash out so you need to have some amount of clicks i don't know maybe like 20 30 clicks then you need to invite like at least five people via your link then you need to complete uh you need to complete six offers so offers are basically like jobs like testing some app doing a survey doing some job and then you need to earn some commission from these offers um so that's like this a pretty high you know requirements and that's why a lot of people are saying that this app is not actually legit so you need to put a lot like actually a lot of work or you need to have a huge like presence and to actually get there so yeah and then after you're doing this first cash out probably you will be able to have less strict requirements so yeah anyways that's that's about that like if you want to try it out uh here is uh here's my invite link so just use that and then of course you can create your own invite link in the app so here it is you can just copy link um so yep and then there are all these like offer centers you have all these apps you can just complete this accuracy surveys answer some questions you know all of that so different different offers all of that so hope that can be helpful that and that's an overview and that's about it so um yep i just wanted like to share with you that it's not that easy to cash out here so you just need to be careful if you try to use this app then you'll probably need to have a big audience or just put a lot of work here so just just be careful yeah it's just my kind of honest review of it so maybe this app is not completely legit and they are doing a lot of like maybe sketchy marketing that you can earn more but like in reality it's not that easy i still think it's possible but yeah it requires a lot a lot a lot of effort and maybe for that time you can find some better ways and also they have these old notifications i can disable them like you know which kind of push you to yeah yeah you can go on this website and get all of it but is it that easy in reality so anyways hopefully that was helpful

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