Can you CASH OUT in SWEATCOIN app?

i'm just exploring sweetcoin app here which this app is going viral and the idea is of it is basically healthy lifestyle but it is being motivated by the fact that you actually earning some be soon-to-be coins just by working so if you take your phone or your apple watch and you just walk a lot a lot during the day you earn some sweat coins at the moment they should just sweat coins in the app but hopefully in september or quite soon they will be available as some crypto tokens and then uh yeah then it will be available in the app and you know maybe you would be able to exchange them but nobody knows but you can just walk at least and it stimulates your fitness activities the question is like can you actually then cash out your sweet coins at the moment and i'm just reading here their support center that it is not possible to cash out via paypal or bank transfer unfortunately uh the long-term vision is to make swat coin a fully fledged currency that will be listed on exchanges but don't wait for this please plan your thread coins in the marketplace with brand partners paypal and amazon vouchers features regular especially if you're inviting lots of friends please note that the offer change at least once a day and if you don't see something you like today then go back tomorrow you can always reach out to them uh with this question you can contact them their support send feedback uh but yeah there you have it so at the moment the model of the app is that you earn these sweat coins here just by walking and then you have all these like physical products which you can only get in in this you know in this marketplace for sweat coins so just like physical products so you can get this some eyewear um just uh 24 000 bodies there are some like you know there are partners and every day there are some new offers and one of the ways to cash out from it is just to get some like uh you know like paypal gift card or amazon gift cards which are featured regularly but you need to have a lot of steps so it's not like you just were working for a week and then you can cash out for 10 paypal card now you need to have like thousands and thousands of points i guess it just depends but the whole idea why people are excited about it is just this what coins will become a cryptocurrency or token nobody knows when because they keep delaying this date and then the vision is that it will be traded on some exchange then you earn them now and then you can convert them to bitcoin or ethereum or something like that so that's what people are hoping for i guess but who knows when that will happen especially during this crypto winter but maybe at least a good idea is just to use this app to motivate your work a lot just install it create free account and then stimulate yourself by walking and running a lot and then you will just earn some sweat coins so as you can see i already work earn some sweat coins uh who knows and then you can always just invite friends so tap here to invite friends you can add contacts and then here is my invite link in the bottom sweat code dot in slash i slash my name and then you can just invite friends share this link and you will earn more bonuses and more sweat coins so use my link create your account invite friends and there you have it

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