Can you change BeReal timeframe?

so can you change your update burial time frame every time you have a notification to post a burial you only have like two minutes so that's your time to do that and uh yeah um i was trying to go into settings doing some research at the moment it's not possible to do that so it's only two minutes and that's it if you're not managing during during that period basically yeah you will just need to post a light be real uh yeah some people would like to customize that i'm i see some a lot of people searching about it just like maybe for some people two minutes is not that much maybe there would be a possibility to increase that to five minutes because every day there is a different time for this burial notification and you can be like traveling somewhere you can go somewhere i don't know and train and plane and stuff like that in some not convenient situation and then that time frame is just too short and then you just take like some weird photo then you need to delete it or upload and then you post a late burial so these are the major concerns so yeah but at the moment unfortunately you can't yeah that's what it is

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