Can you change pet avatar in Widgetable app?

Unfortunately, it seems that once the egg in the Widgetable app is hatched, you won't have the ability to change your pet avatar. In a video transcript addressing this question, it states, "So, can you change pet avatar in Widgetable app? So unfortunately, after the egg was hatched, you won't be able to change the, you know, the pet avatar anymore."

The Widgetable app allows users to have a pet that they can interact with and customize. However, it appears that the ability to modify the pet avatar is limited. Once the egg hatches and you have your pet, the only customizable features available are changing the pet's name and how it calls you. Additionally, you can change the pet's background and add decorations. These seem to be the extent of the customization options for your pet in Widgetable.

Although it might be disappointing for users who were looking forward to changing their pet avatar, the app still offers other ways to personalize the experience. Being able to select a unique name for your pet and choosing how it addresses you can bring a personal touch to the interaction.

Furthermore, the ability to change the pet's background and add decorations can help create a visually appealing environment for your pet. These features may not directly affect the avatar but provide an opportunity for users to express their creativity and make their pet's surroundings more personalized.

In conclusion, while it may not be possible to change the pet avatar in Widgetable app once the egg is hatched, there are still options for customization available. Users can personalize their pet's name, how it calls them, and the background and decoration settings. If you were hoping for more versatility in changing the pet avatar, it might be worth exploring other apps that offer a wider range of customization options.

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