so here is your social app so can you change username here so basically if you tap on your profile here i have my username i can go to my profile i have my full name andrew and username at andrey and then if i tap to edit there is no option to add your username so you can all only edit your name but not username so that's that usually you would also have like some support section of feedback section here there is no such section in the app i think maybe it was before i'm not sure but because of so many support requests maybe they just removed it from the app to be honest because the app was pretty glitchy in the in the beginning in the rollout so what you can do to find the support option is just go to the app and then basically tap here and tap on app support here you can reach out to support and you can reach out exactly this is my account my username and i sign up maybe you can reply from the email which you signed up and specify that you want to change your username because it's not available at this moment to change it from the app alternatively yeah you can see your profile you can see which email or now you can just go to settings you can see which email is associated with your profile uh maybe you can just always create a new account with a new uh with the new username so that's basically it what you can do here

Displaying different names for agen...
Displaying different names for agents in Salesforce Chat
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