Can you change your number in BOTIM app?

Can you change your number in BOTIM app?

In a video transcript exploring the topic, the narrator discusses whether it is possible to change one's phone number in the BOTIM app. The narrator, using the iOS app, states that they can see their number displayed, but it is not editable. This suggests that changing the associated phone number directly within the app is not an available option.

The narrator speculates that the phone number is tied to the user's account, making it impossible to change within the app. However, they propose a potential alternative solution: logging out of the current account and logging in with a different phone number. While it is uncertain whether switching accounts is feasible, the option to log in with a different number may be worth exploring.

It should be noted that the narrator is unsure if changing the phone number is possible on the desktop version of the BOTIM app. Therefore, users may want to consider attempting the number change via the desktop interface if they are unable to do so on the mobile app.

In conclusion, based on the video transcript, it appears that changing one's phone number within the BOTIM app may not be directly possible. However, there may be a workaround by logging out and using a different phone number to access the app. As with any software, it is always recommended to explore the app's settings or contact customer support for further assistance.

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