Can you chat with AI in Instagram?

Can you chat with AI in Instagram? This question marks the emergence of an intriguing trend in social media apps. Previously, Snapchat had its own AI chat bot, although it didn't gain much popularity as it was only available in the paid version, Snapchat Plus. Furthermore, other apps like Chai and Character AI have already allowed users to engage in conversations with AI chat bots. However, according to Alessandra Peluzzi's report, Instagram is currently working on introducing AI agents to chats, promising a more enjoyable and interactive experience.

These AI agents will possess the ability to answer queries and provide advice. Users will have the option to select from a pool of 30 distinct personalities, engaging in conversations with them, seeking guidance, and receiving creative inspiration. While this exciting feature, currently referred to as meta AI in chats, has been brought to light by Alessandra's reporting, it remains uncertain whether it will ultimately be released.

Although unavailable at present, Instagram is consistently striving to enable users to chat with AI characters. The platform has even integrated the feature of requesting early access to this functionality. Once implemented, this feature is expected to enhance user engagement by allowing them to have lively exchanges with GPT-4 chat bots or similar AI entities, similar to the AI experiences observed in Snapchat or the viral success of apps like Chai and Character AI.

The forthcoming introduction of AI chat bots to Instagram holds potential for an engaging and captivating experience. As users anticipate the unveiling of this innovative tool, it remains to be seen how it will ultimately influence social media interactions. Let us stay tuned!

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