Can you check YOUR BOT CHATS in CHAI app?

Chai app is a popular platform for creating and managing bots. But, can you check your bot chats in the Chai app? Unfortunately, the answer is no. This video transcript sheds some light on this matter.

The speaker starts by mentioning that if you have created a bot that is gaining traction and generating conversations, you might be curious to see those chats. However, in the Chai app, this is not currently possible. The speaker mentions having created an "alien bot" with 31 conversations from various users, involving a total of 66 messages.

Despite the speaker's curiosity, it seems that the Chai app does not allow users to view these chats. The speaker states that it is currently prohibited, and there is no option to even catch a glimpse or read these chats. While many users have requested this functionality, it does not exist in any form, whether through a premium subscription or any other mode.

So, at least for now, the ability to check your bot chats in the Chai app is not possible. It remains to be seen if this feature will be considered for future updates or versions of the app.

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