Can you create an account in Locket widget with Apple, Google sign in?

so when you're trying to create an account and set up lock it in lock it widget app so just type here um so is it possible to just create an account with you know apple id like in a lot of apps so you just tap on sign office apple no at this one it's not possible it is only possible to sign up with your phone number not not with email or with apple id or google's or or snapchat or facebook or whatever any of these other ways so it's not possible unfortunately only your phone number and a lot of people are struggling with this issue because there is some bug where verification text is not arriving for some kind of numbers so yeah that's that and like the developer team is working on this issue meanwhile if you're really struggling and you really want to try out this app maybe you can try some of these apps like text now or text plus where you can get like a second phone number you know there are a bunch of these apps in the app store you can try it out i'm not sure if it will work um because you probably need a real phone number but if you're really struggling you really want to try out this app maybe something like that will help you out uh but yeah that's what it is right now

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