Can you create an account in Wordle app?

can you create an account in wardle app so nope uh this app is just uh it's just based on your cookies so you just need to go to new york times dot com slash game slash wordle i guess so and there you have it and yeah even if you close the tab or you you know reload the tab nothing has happened without an account because this just drags your cookies but if you go to this page we are other device or via other wi-fi or something like that i think the progress will be different so there is no way to create an account inside all your progress uh maybe it's good maybe it's bad good because it's like you can instantly create and solve new challenge like solve new challenges really fast but bad maybe your progress is not saved or that was the case when they migrated portal to new york times domain and the progress was not saved some parts of the progress were not transferred so anyways nope you cannot create an account or delete your account or you know login sign up in the wordle this is just a website

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