Can you DELETE ACCOUNT in Frank Speech app?

hey so can you delete frank's speech account so to create an account just go to and just enter a phone number email address password just create an account there is no mobile app so it's only a website you can access it on browser on mobile phone or desktop but then when you created an account there is just no option to delete it i think and the app is quite buggy to be honest so for example if i just have my login here then i just logged in but then yeah i just don't even have the option i just only have the option to log out here but if i click on my account i'm logged out again so something is not working right but anyways in case you want to delete an account i guess the the best option would be just to go to i don't know to your mail try to get the email from them when you created an account but probably you won't get it or try to reach out to them on social media or anyways because i don't even can't find any support email option how to contact our support so if you know how to conduct frank speech support just just leave in the comment section below or uh yeah and then maybe you can reach out to their support and ask to delete your account but honestly this app is not that developed as gutter or some other social media apps in this category where it's like the whole social media so it's just a media website with videos and articles so yeah it doesn't contain that much of your data but still it has your phone number and your email address so if you're concerned definitely it's a good idea to delete your account just i couldn't find the way to do it but if you have the better idea just leave it in the comments below it can help many other people