hello so here is new profile pic app and can you delete your account here so first you don't even need to create an account so there is no option to create an account so therefore there is nothing to delete but of course people are concerned a bit about the privacy because you give access to your camera roll and this app is pretty new there is not that much information about it who knows like is it is it completely safe to give access to your photos in this app so like you can always just write here in feedback to support that photo try to i don't know something like that let's see what they will reply to you you can always delete the app also to make sure you can go to settings and search for a new profile peak and make sure that you don't give access to your photos and cameras so you can just select allow photos access and choose none and then in camera also choose none so that's what you can do and of course then you can just delete it because i was looking that a lot of people legitimately concerned if this app is safe to use so i don't have a clear answer yet but anyhow this is some of the security steps which you can try to do

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