Can you DELETE ACCOUNT in push it app?

so can you delete your account in pushit app if i just tap on my username in top right and just in top bar um because there is no option to to delete an account as it is in some other apps so what else we can do you can just tap need help and yeah nothing clicks here nothing work yeah it just doesn't go anywhere but maybe developers will fix it in the future um so that the remaining option is just go to their instagram you can just follow them but also you can just slide into their dms and then uh just do something like this uh write them and hope tap send and hope that they will just you know reply and then you can just send your username so yeah something like that i would do and i would try or try that and write for response from them because other support channels don't work and there they have a lot of activity on instagram so hope that can be a solution and then yeah that's how you can try to delete your account as i said there is no option to do it in the app you can only log out but that doesn't delete your account

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