so can you delete deco peak app um a lot of samsung galaxy users are reporting that there is an app called deco peak which was just installed on their phone out of nowhere it can't be uninstalled only disabled so a lot of people say that it can only be disabled not uninstalled so it seems to disable that you need to go to settings apps find decoding top rights three dots and then uninstall updates so this is the way to uninstall updates and then the app disappears after that so probably that's the way to disable the app you can try that um other than that i do not if you can really delete it so i couldn't find it here in this subreddit uh some people say that when they're in the developer mode they can just delete the app in the usual way um other also people tell that uh apparently this app previously was a function on another samsung app that was already on your phone samsung just took that function and made it own app since since it's part of the samsung suite it can't be deleted so yeah it's kind of like uh it's in a galaxy store so part of something sweet so it can't be deleted easily [Music] so yep so that's that unfortunately i don't think it can be deleted but if you have any other updates or no any other scenarios just leave it in the comments below so overall thank you thank you for watching

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