Can you delete friends of friends on B-Real? In the recent B-Real update, the ability to delete friends of friends seems to be unavailable. This means that when you post a new B-Real, it no longer appears in the discovery feed.

Previously, you had the option to select from various audience settings, such as "my friends only," or "my friends plus their friends." However, with the update, you now only have two choices for your audience - either "my friends only" or "my friends plus their friends."

Many users have searched through the settings, hoping to find a way to change this audience selection, but so far, it seems impossible. If you do not want your friends to connect with each other through your B-Real posts, you can disable the option that allows your friends to see each other. However, this only prevents them from showing up in suggestions and does not completely disable the feature.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to delete friends of friends on B-Real and entirely remove the tab. Users will have to adapt to this new setting and consider their audience preferences accordingly.

In conclusion, the recent B-Real update has removed the option to delete friends of friends on the platform. While you can still control whether your friends can connect with each other, you cannot entirely disable this feature. Stay tuned for further updates or changes that might provide new options in the future.

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