Can you DELETE OPENSEA account? (Video)

Can you DELETE OPENSEA account?

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Is it possible to delete OpenSea account? Looks like that your OpenSea account is basically your MetaMask Ethereum Wallet address.

So, to delete an account in OpenSea, you need to delete your Ethereum Wallet address. It depends which wallet you have chosen to log in to OpenSea.

You can always ask OpenSea community in their Discord server.

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hey there so in case you're wondering if it's possible to delete your openc account i'm just browsing through their openc discord server and a lot of people asking i just want to delete my account so you can delete your nft collections.

You can change email and usernames in general settings but there is no actual delete account option because your opensea account is basically your ethereum wallet address so it's yeah so it's just a wallet address and then that leaves on the blockchain uh so there you have it so you can't delete opensea account you can delete an nft collection but that's just your uh your opensea account is basically just your wallet eternal wallet account so that's that.

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