Can you DELETE SPOTIFY BLEND playlist?

How to delete Spotify blend?

Can you delete a Spotify Blend playlist? These are the playlists which are generated by Spotify. If you invited someone, and then you can see your top tracks from your friend and yourself. But how to delete it? Basically, you can't delete it. You can just leave Blend and then basically this Blend won't be appearing anymore in your music library.

There is no option to delete Spotify Blend playlist - instead you need to leave this playlist and then it will disappear from your library.

How to leave Spotify Blend and delete it?

  • Tap on three dots in the playlist
  • In the dropdown select Leave Blend
Leave Spotify Blend (in the bottom)

How to remove someone from Spotify Blend?

You can only remove yourself from Spotify Blend.

By default, there are only two people in Spotify Blend, and you can't remove other person.

But, there is a possibility to add more people to Spotify Blend. Maybe you can remove them.

How to remove songs from Spotify Blend?

To remove song from Spotify Blend playlist:

  • Tap on three dots next to the song you want to remove
  • Tap Hide song
  • You can remove either yours or other person's songs
Hide song from Spotify Blend

How to add members to Spotify Blend?

You can add or invite people to your Spotify Blend playlist.

  • Tap on three dots below the playlist
  • Tap on Add members
  • Add other users either from Spotify or invite them
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