Can you disable “my friends + their friends” audience in BeReal?

In the latest update of BeReal, users are wondering if it is possible to disable or delete the "my friends + their friends" audience feature. This new update has removed the discovery audience option, leaving users with only two choices when it comes to sharing a new BeReal post - "my friends only" or "my friends + their friends".

Unfortunately, based on what we can see, it is not currently possible to disable or delete the "my friends + their friends" audience in BeReal. This means that when sharing a post, it will be visible not only to your own friends but also to the friends of your friends.

While some users may appreciate the opportunity to expand their audience and reach more people through this feature, others might prefer a more private sharing experience. BeReal's decision to remove the discovery audience and limit sharing options seems to be in line with the growing trend of prioritizing user privacy and giving individuals greater control over their online presence.

As technology continues to evolve, we often see social media platforms implementing changes to enhance privacy and security for their users. This move by BeReal reflects their commitment to adapt to user needs and preferences in an ever-changing digital landscape.

It is important to note that BeReal frequently updates its features and settings to improve the user experience. While disabling the "my friends + their friends" audience feature may not be possible at the moment, it is always worth keeping an eye out for future updates that may address this concern.

As users, it is vital to be aware of the privacy settings and options available on social media platforms such as BeReal. Taking the time to review and adjust these settings can help ensure that you have the desired level of privacy and control over your online presence.

In conclusion, the latest update of BeReal introduces a change in sharing options, removing the discovery audience and leaving users with the choice of sharing to "my friends only" or "my friends + their friends". Disabling or deleting the "my friends + their friends" audience feature is currently not possible. However, as technology advances, it is possible that BeReal may introduce further updates addressing user privacy concerns. Stay tuned for future announcements and keep an eye on the platform's settings for any changes that may align with your preferences.

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