Can you EDIT APP REVIEW in iOS App Store?

so can you edit your app a review in the app store so for example if i just go to app store app tap on my account in top right and then i see go to personalized recommendations and then i see ratings and reviews and then basically here i can see all my ratings and reviews so writing is means if you just leave five stars and reviews is basically uh when you when you write some text comment or something like that so yeah like but how to edit that so i i don't know i don't actually know how to see your previous review [Music] i just see that you can hear remove them but for example for twitter i left not only writing but also some comment my review but i have no idea actually how to you know edit it it's only possible to remove it but i don't even know how to see how to see it and maybe i wrote something so there you have it so yeah anyways i hope it was helpful

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