i'm going through the noted drawing app which is going viral it's number one in entertainment charts in the us app store which is amazing and i'm also just going through the reviews um and some people are asking like is there a way to be notified when someone sends uh this note i like being surprised by being notified would be entirely more helpful and i would love see all the notes i send because it only shows last note i send so yep so for people who don't know this app basically allows you to install the widget on your home screen and then you can just send the note like for example you can just draw anything you like and this image will appear on on on your friends home screen in the widget but are there notifications so you can for example i step here so other any notifications uh no i don't think so and if i just go to the settings app and search for so there is an even notification option here and you can't add cameras camera or photo photos from your camera roll anything like that so yep there you have it i don't think there are any notification options so how it will work is just if you send a note it will appear on your partner's home screen and then if you send another note this note will be instantly replaced and the friend who sees it won't be able to see previous note if he just just opened the phone so i guess that's how it works other than that thank you for watching

How to use Clipboard History of iPh...
How to use Clipboard History of iPhone | iPhone #Short
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