Can you enable TikTok Picture in Picture on iPhone?

so here is tick tock subscribe uh and i'm just curious can you enable picture in picture on tick tock so for example if you're watching this tick tock videos can i just like go to home screen and it continues to playing in the top right corner and i can just some other stuff and browse to other apps so if you don't know what that means basically let me show you on twitch how it works so for example if i watch some stream or something but here i can just do like this mode picture in picture and i can just browse around like this and it's like super convenient i can move it around um and continue to do my stuff on iphone while i'm watching twitch so i'm just curious if this option is available for tick tock would be so helpful uh so yeah that's that's my question if you know the answer just leave it in the comments below i think a lot of people are looking searching for it so yeah that's the idea uh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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