Can you generate AI avatars for free in Lensa AI? Or only upgrade

here explains the AI Avatar app I just opened it up for you and there is currently a promotion where you can get like a really nice deal 19.99 per year um so hurry up but can you use lens AI for free like what you can do in a free version so let's just explore here is this like magic avatars I bought the first pack so I bought it it's not free and then if I tap create new avatars I can just type continue I can just select 10 20 selfies um so here so I can just cut that [Music] um and then yeah then I'm just importing these photos and then yeah what you can do uh so as you can see there is no free version of Lanza aif um yeah a magic avatars consumed tremendous computation power to create amazing avatars for you it's expensive but we made it as affordable as possible so 50 unique avatars for 5.99 then there is 100 unique avatars for 7.99 and 200 unique avatars for 11.99 so that's basically that um you can get up to 50 off your subscription um so there you have it um so yeah that's basically the idea um but yeah it's not possible to use this app for free there is no free option or some free trial or anything like that so just right away if you want to get 15 new characters you need to pay six dollars and that's it it's still one of the cheapest options on internet if you quickly want to get six avatars so like down AI app was pretty popular a few days ago because it offered a free option to generate 50 hour tars but then they locked it under 9.99 a month Weekly subscription so now it's kind of Cheaper Than Town AI so yeah this is the offer so go try it out

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