Can you generate AI avatars for free in Voi AI avatar app?

um so can you use why our Avatar generator for free um so what you can do in this app if you want to create a new Avatar you can create a free Avatar with celebrity so you can test the Styles you can see how it might look like so for example we yeah for example once you create this Avatar and then you will just have some ad you will need to wait like 30 seconds and then you will be able to create this Avatar with select style for free but then if if you want to up to create your own AI Avatar with your own selfies unfortunately you will need to upgrade but the way Avatar app at the moment seems is one of the cheapest ones and I will show you why so there you have it so now yeah you can just generate like for example AI what are some celebrities and see the Styles but if you want to have your own Avatar you will need to upgrade so that's what I was in was investigating and then I have like uh uh my own avatars here for example and then to do them you you need to upgrade so there you have it um um yeah pro version costs 4.99 per week and then you can create unlimited avatars during that period so that's a pretty good deal in let's say I have you need to pay six dollars to get only 50 avatars and there is done AI app where you need to pay ten dollars to for get limited Creations for a week so something like that hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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