Can you get SAITAMA on Coinbase app?

okay so can you find uh sayatama uh token on coinbase can you buy it here so let's just search for saitama so here it is uh here is a token uh and you can buy it but you need coinbase wallet app so here is the the app uh so yeah you can see the price right now um and then yeah you can just buy it with coinbase wallet you can go to uh assets in coinbase wallet are not held by coinbase by continue you'll be able to send crypto from coins based wallet to a decentralized uh exchange that's not controlled by coinbase coinbase is not involved to this transaction so that's a separate app you need to search for that in the app store it's called coinbase wallet and then uh yeah so then you can convert uh some coin if you have bitcoin here [Music] so only ethereum buys tokens so like i guess like ethereum classic um so yeah maybe here so anyways maybe it doesn't really work i don't know guys if you know better solution just leave it in the comments below because so so far it seems it doesn't really work here um anyways like let's just explore because there is this app which is called coin geeko and here let's just search for saitama and where i can buy it a lot of people telling that this is the same as like dodge coins that it's not really trustworthy so there you have it so it's built on ethereum and yeah it's you can buy it on uni swap so just go to uniswap app you need to connect your metamask wallet and then you will be able to buy saitama on uniswap or you can go to website then just here i guess login with metamask wallet you need to have some ethereum there so to get the theorem on metamask wallet you need to install metamask and i then buy darby's debit cards credit card or just have ethereum somewhere on coinbase or binance or whatever and send to ethereum wallet address in metamask and then just buy it here so that's the idea uh so i guess you need to go on the desktop and then you will be able to log in with your metamask wallet hope that is helpful

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