Can you GET VERIFIED in GAS app?

I'm just going to hear through the gas app support center and I want to figure out if you can get verified in the gas app so the gas app is the viral Social Network right now where you can sign up with your school join your school and then you will see your classmates and then you can anonymously vote on them in different Anonymous polls um so that's that the thing is like someone can easily enter a fake name or impersonate you or do some stuff like that so how to make sure that you like you know that you are completely verified and if like you know uh if someone is watching for you in the poll and then you somehow discover that person who voted for in the poll like if you upgrade it in the app if you use code mode like you know for sure that that was that person not someone like you know someone else uh that's your crush and all of that so like that would be a nice feature I guess to be completely sure that this person this classmate is just verified and having some kind of like a blue check mark or something like that as you have on Twitter um so yeah but I'm not sure I was just scrolling through on your search in their support center I'm not sure that they have this feature the only thing you can do you can just report impersonation so you can just step three dots in the left corner so I can report user and then you can just provide that much information um so that's basically it there is no way to verify yourself at this moment in the app

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