so if you go to true social app you can see that some of the accounts have this red check mark and they are verified it's like in case you trying to figure out how to apply for verification yourself it's not that easy i think it's not accessible for majority of users i was trying to see it either on the web app or on their iphone app and there is no like a simple verification process like you have on twitter or some like button where you can click to verify yourself and submit some proof of your influence or something and then just wait for decision here there is not such an option and i also like trying to figure out how then you can contact their support to maybe submit a support request at least what you can try out so if you go to their website uh okay so because recently they launched the uh web app so now it just redirects you to to the to the app itself um okay uh not found so i don't know like basically how you can do that and you i don't think it is possible at this moment to get uh to get verified on this app so you here you can just see that there is an app an app on iphone okay we can just search uh there are so many articles and all of that but their help center as well is like super limited is doesn't have all the you know all the information and um yeah and so that's what it is at the moment it just has their support center has just very basic like faq articles around uh so there you have it you can access um here it is you can have community tab but i don't even know how to reach out to uh to their support team uh because here you just have some faq articles and that's it uh so maybe you can uh you can just go to terms of service and usually you will find the support address in the very bottom so like support through this is the their address where you can if you really want to you can try to reach out to this email address and ask for your account to be verified and submit some proof of identity some documents which like like support your evidence that you have a large following either on twitter or on youtube or instagram or any other social network and that you have a lot of mentioning or a public figure or any of these factors that can support your case to getting verified but at the moment there is a very low chance to get any response like true social app has been very slow is there like waiting list and it's impossible to reach out to their support and get a reply at this moment as i understand so maybe that's what it is unless you have some person directly in the in the company in the app you can do that but other than that i don't have an idea how to do it

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