Can you have Separate widgets for separate friends in Locket widget on the HomeScreen?

can you have separate features for separate friends and locate widget yep finally you can do that as you can see i just have two widgets from locket widget so i can tap and hold and then i can edit this widget and then i can select group of people for who i want to have this widget so i can select class friends here and then on other widgets i can just select colleagues or something and then on on the colleagues widget i will have only photos from colleagues on the friends i'll have the photos from friends how to do it tap in top left on the locket and then you can create a separate widget you can name it and add specific friends from from the drop down below so that's basically how it works and then when you added this widget you will be able to to switch it here you can just tap edit and then you can switch it so that's the idea i hope this is helpful thank you for watching it was very long awaited feature a lot of people requested it and app reviews in comments like when it will be possible we really really need that so there you have it finally

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