Can you HIDE BEREAL from specific friend?

so interesting question like can you hide your barrier from like specific friend uh so here's my burial if I tap on three dots just where it says eight hour late and then I set options I can see that like yeah might be real setting at the moment is that it's Global so when I posted the burial I selected the global audience meaning it will appear in Discovery feed so at the moment like everyone can just see my Bureau but even if I select like feed my friends only uh there is no option to hide be real from a specific friend I can't just go to my friend's feet and it's like I don't want this person to see my this specific video there is no option to when you're creating a burial just to share it to specific audience or to specific group of people um so yeah it's it's not possible at this moment um so yeah you can't hide hide epyrial from from a specific a specific person

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