Can you install older version of BeReal on iPhone?

Can you install an older version of BeReal on your iPhone? That seems to be the burning question for many users as the app has undergone several changes and updates recently. Some users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the removal of the Discover feed and the addition of the Friends of Friends feed, among other updates. Consequently, there is a desire among a portion of the user base to revert to an older version of BeReal, reminiscent of how it was in 2022.

However, the ability to install an older version of BeReal on an iPhone is uncertain. While there is a method to access previously downloaded apps through the purchased apps section, it remains unclear whether this approach would work for BeReal. There might be a way to legally acquire an older version of the app, without features like the Friends of Friends feed, if the app was not updated. But this is purely speculative at this point.

As this question looms, viewers are encouraged to share any knowledge or suggestions regarding the installation of an older version of BeReal on an iPhone. Leave your comments below and help shed light on this matter. Until then, users eager to go back to a previous version of BeReal will have to wait for further information to surface.

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