so how to keep your burial private that's one of the top questions among users also on my blog and that's what they write here so no worries you'll be really private by default and only visible to your friends however it is possible to share your bereal with all users while uploading your grill simply choose the public option if you want to put your burial public afterward or remove it from public then you can just click on the time your bill was sent in option select if you wish to remove at your burial to Discovery so for example here is my burial and I need to post a light beer light burial for example like this and then I just uh post it like this and then uh I can only select my friends only or Discovery that's how I can share it the thing is I don't really understand what they mean here your Bureau is private by default and only visible to your friends so of course if it's visible to my friends it's not already private if I have like you know 30 friends they will see that so that's what I'm saying um so yeah but by default it's only shared with friends if you then post it change it to Discovery later shared with everyone but if you share it with everyone you can discover I think it's not possible to change it later back to be only visible to your friends because you can't reverse these privacy settings backwards from that so something like that hope it is helpful

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