Can you link Spotify to BeReal?

so can you link Spotify to to be real so be real is just working on this new featuring music it's not available yet here's just some early previews um yeah so you can you'll be able to share with friends what you are listening while you are posting your burial image so there will be like in the settings where you have memories right now you will also have music and that you will be able to link Spotify and then share with your friends what you're currently listening to when you post Imperial not sure if it's possible to uh uh to link also Apple music or title or whatever but it's only Spotify at the moment and then when you're sharing your photo your post and be real during these two minutes time uh um and then yeah you'll just be able to share also the name of the song you are sharing so you can also do that it's not yet available I'm not sure when it will be released or will it be released at all but this is like a quick preview from Alessandro Pelosi here on Twitter uh that uh yeah you can just add this Spotify and that's basically the the idea of it um so yeah I hope it can be helpful just like in case you heard it or read it somewhere in the news decision either screenshots how it might look like so yeah you can be excited if you like be real app

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