How to LOG OUT in NGL: anonymous q&a app?

NGL app - how to log out?

If you tap on Settings in the top right, then tap on Settings again, you will see an option to Delete Account.

But, there is no option to Log out from NGL app!

You can't log out from NGL app easily.

The only way to do it is probably by deleting NGL app from your phone, redownloading it again from the App Store and logging back in.

Also, you can just delete your NGL account and create a new one.

Why you can't log out from NGL?

Maybe because each NGL account should only be attached to one Instagram account - so developers made it harder for you to have multiple spam accounts in NGL.

How to switch account in ngl?

Because you can't easily log out, you can't switch account in ngl app...

It is not as in Snapchat, where you can easily have two or more accounts on one phone and switch between them in Snapchat app.

In NGL, you can't log out, so you need to delete NGL app, redownload again and log in with another account. However, this approach might not work...

How to log in again in ngl?

To log in again in NGL app, just enter your Instagram username, and then you should be able to log in again.

How to delete account in NGL?

  • Go to gear icon in the top right
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap on Delete account
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