Can you mute someone in Locket widget app?

so here's locket widget if I tap on Friends tap in top right can I mute someone like I don't want to remove this person as a friend so I can just tap on the cross to the right to remove as a friend um yeah uh I can't block it's not possible to block or report someone but for example I don't want to unfriend that person because that person might see that I'm not longer in their friend list um so I just want to mute so I don't want to receive photos from this person for for a while um so it's not possible to do that as I understand when I'm clicking on the friends profile nothing is happening of course I can only edit my own lockets but this is only lockets where I stand for this to someone not someone sends photos to me so that would be actually a nice option like you have on Facebook or you have on Twitter other social media like you're still friends with that person but for some period you just mute them and you just don't want to see content from them and then you can unmute them in future or unblock and block them but you still want to be friends and don't want to re-add them because sometimes what I was reading on some Reddit or YouTube comments that um if you delete as a friend on locket widget and then you want to re-add that person there are some bugs and yeah some things might happen but yes this is just some observations I think it would be a nice feature

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