Can you MUTE THREAD in YikYak app?

i'm just going here through the ikea cap and some people are concerned that there is no mute thread feature uh some people say i had it when it was originally released like years and years ago allow it still and have a lot of fun with the app if you make a poster comment on one and other people comment at my options and miss turn off the app notification i actually want to know about to deal with the constant buzzing ringing on our on the older app it was a feature i often used but took for granted it's still a great great app but it could be a little better so yeah like in this app if you enable notification and comment somewhere like you will receive maybe hundreds of notifications if it's a popular thread so it will be a really nice option to mute thread otherwise you just need to disable notifications um so that's that i don't know how do you fix that maybe developers will see this video maybe yeah so that's a common request here seems like that

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