Can you MUTE WORDS in YikYak app?

i'm just going here through the yik yak app and a lot of seems like a lot of people are asking like is there a mute awards feature similar as on twitter so for example if you're on twitter following some accounts and suddenly they start to post a lot about some trending topic but you are not that interested in that and all your content is just about that so this person writes that i like you kayak then it's fun when you live in a college town because then you can talk to your peers on campus the one issue though is that a lot of users in fraternities and sororities and they leave a lot of annoying posts related to that so that's that so this person started blocking people related to this life it was wonderful and but still it would be just either use case if you can block some specific words related to some topics as you can do on twitter so not sure if this feature is already there or is in the plans but maybe you can also leave some suggestions how are you dealing with that um yeah would be quite interesting um so there you have it so [Music] um this is my yeah karma um and then yeah if i if i want to mute some words i don't see this feature here so um yep so more options there are like cause buster feature but that just uh blocks all the bad words kind of but i just want to mute specific words

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