so here is interesting development instagram is working on the possibility of pinion reel in the real step of your profile so just like in tik tok you can just pin specific video to the top of your profile if you uh yeah uh yeah if you just open like the reels tab on the instagram and then just tap uh on the menu you will see the option to pin to your profile so that's like kind of in development in beta probably it will be released soon in the instagram and then you'll be able just to pin uh reels to your profile and then these pin trills will just be first on your instagram profile this will be like the first reels which users can see so yeah similar as you can pin tweets or you know pinned message in the facebook you'll be now able to [Music] uh yeah here as so this is the reals menu and then also probably this this feature will be included in the new reels menu where you can just access it from the real player so instagram is working a lot on the yeah on the reels so more updates coming soon

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