Can you PLAY WORDLE more than ONCE?

so can you play wordle more than once so i just finished this game and uh yeah if i just try to play it again i just can do it and i can just see my stats and then in the bottom left i can see that next wordle is available like in 23 hours or in 10 hours depending on which day of the time are you and yeah so this is the original wordle website dot co dot uk and basically uh yep you can only play it once per day so that's that there are different apps which called wardus or you can search in app store wordle where you can yeah when you can play as many times as you want but here on the original app you can just play once per day and then you can just share share like your achievements so that's the whole hype about this game that and everyone is just playing one the same game once per day and that's i think what made this game pretty unique and that's a cool marketing strategy so yeah you can't play modern ones

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