Can you post 2 BeReals per day?

can you post tutorials per day can you take two pictures so it's not possible so you can only post one Bureau and then this one be real will be reflected in your feed either friends feed or discovery what you can do for example I just posted this video I can tap on three dots I can tap on options and then delete my burial if I wasn't happy then I can create another burial and then uh yeah that's kind of you take two pictures but only after deleting the first one so still in your feed it will only be one picture and after you deleted your first picture you won't be able to delete the the second one so as you see already today I posted picture deleted it posted another one second picture but now I can't delete it and still in my feed is still one picture so yeah at the moment it's not possible to take two pictures on be real per day so it's only one image there is no additional button from where you can just add another burial or stuff like that so that's what it is maybe the functionality which will change in the future but people are just asking and searching about it like you know if there is some kind of you know opportunity or bad hidden button somewhere that you can also add more images per day if you want to but now at this moment it's only one image per day that's how this app works

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