Can you post two pictures or more per day in BeReal app?

a lot of people are asking this if if you can post two pictures or more on purely lab so if i just tap open post a light burial um i can just see here that okay i will just try to post it like this and then basically this app already takes two images because it takes from front and back camera and then uh yeah you can select your audience you can disable location and then you can tap send uh you can also add a caption while it's posting the thing is that's it for this day it's not possible to add another picture it's only limited to one picture per day uh unfortunately you can always just tap on these three dots and then you can just tap options and then you can tap to delete my burial for example and then you just delete in your burial and after that you can take another picture but only one of course you just deleted yours and only one will be appearing in the feed so if you just sink into is it possible to post two three five pictures per day on bureau it's not possible at the moment that's the whole idea of the app that you just getting this notification and just once per day you are sharing these images so it's not like instagram or like you know youtube where you can upload unlimited number of posts per day here is just very limited the idea of it is just to share post with your friends what you're doing per day and that's basically it so hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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