Can you READ CHATS in Chai app as a bot creator?

Can you read chats on Chai app as a creator? In the world of chatbot creation, analyzing user engagement and conversations is crucial to improve and optimize the bot's performance. However, when it comes to the Chai app, it seems that as a creator, you are limited to viewing certain statistics rather than being able to read the actual chats.

In a recent video transcript, a Chai app creator explains that they can access valuable information about their bot's performance. For instance, they can see the number of messages sent by their bot, which in this case is 66. Additionally, they can track the number of conversations started with the bot, which is currently at 31.

Furthermore, the creator highlights the ability to gauge engagement levels and median conversation lengths. This allows them to understand how users interact with the bot and the typical number of messages exchanged during a conversation. However, despite these insights, the creator admits that they cannot directly access the content of these conversations.

The Chai app creator speculates that the reason behind this limitation is to prioritize user privacy. By not allowing creators to read chat transcripts, users can feel more confident about the confidentiality of their conversations on the platform. If users were aware that their discussions were not entirely private, they might hesitate to share certain information or engage with the bot.

While it is possible that additional analytics or statistics may be introduced for creators in the future, the current consensus is that there is no option to read the exact messages sent by users. This holds true even for premium users, suggesting that this feature limitation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

To summarize, as a creator using the Chai app, you have access to valuable statistical information such as the number of messages sent, conversations initiated, and user engagement levels. However, reading the exact content of chat conversations is currently unavailable. This limitation is in place to ensure user privacy and instill confidence in the platform. As the app evolves, there may be opportunities for enhanced analytics, but for now, creators will have to rely on the available statistics to evaluate their bot's performance.

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