Can you really generate 50 AI avatars in free version of Dawn AI app?

thank you so here's down AI app and can I really generate 50 Avatar in down down arai free version so I'm just showing you it here so it seems I really can a lot of my viewers were asking if down down AI app is is stopped being free actually and it's just now underpaid subscription but seems not so I just use the free version I previously had the pro subscription and in the free version I just applauded again uh eight to ten selfies and then after waiting for a while actually you can see that I got this old selfies actually so I can 6 8 10. so yeah you can actually get like uh uh not 50 but a lot of these images for free in the free version but then if you want to generate 50 more avatars um uh you can just uh yeah so for example you can just tap like this and then just generate now and then of course you will see that you're out of credits turn Prof or unlimited Generations uh or you can just tap wait until tomorrow so that's the difference with the free version and a pro version in a free version yes you can really generate 53 avatars um but after that you will need to wait one day before generating any additional avatars or applying any other styles and if you apply it one style again you need to wait another 24 hours and that's becomes annoying and then you just want to upgrade but I think this app is just using this tactic to to attract as many users as possible they are standing in the top charts in the US App Store so probably they're just getting so many user signing up and very small percentage of them become Pro customers but still it's an interesting gross hack from them so yeah there you have it and then I can see this [Music] um these avatars in my library here and then um yeah I can just go and access them um yeah if I tap generate more images I can I need to upgrade so yeah something like that so in the first screen you've seen uh just keep that screen because it's very convenient to easily save all images at once from that screen other than that I don't know how to access it and then you will just need to uh basically go image by image if you want to save those uh yeah so it's like pretty high quality app it's not some like you know spam app it's uh developed by team behind splice video editor so it's like super high quality teams of Developers and then yeah um so that's basically the idea um yeah so yeah you can try it out definitely cool app I don't know if they're just testing out this uh freemium models is like free option here or they will lock it out after a few weeks or months and then it will just become paid we will never know so just use the moment might be there just using this trick to get more attention of users so again just use this um yeah like also for me just interesting how they're able to afford it because like how it's called the computational power is like pretty expensive uh for for this so um uh yeah it's like uh yeah you need a lot of you know like computational power to generate all of these AI images so probably say just using uh These funds from there are other resources just to just as kind of like free advertisement for the app uh but hopefully this is helpful and this is working because they are in top five apps on the US app store already almost for a week um so thank you for watching if you have any additional comments just leave them below

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