Can you recover deleted account in Wizz app?

here's this app so can you recover deleted this account so if you go to your settings here and then in the bottom you can just tap delete account so just be careful here it's super easy to delete your account just enter the reason but then um I just deleted my account and I try to instantly log in back like if you created your account with Google or with Apple and I just try to log back in and unfortunately yeah your account is not restored or it's not recovered it's permanently deleted like in other apps like be real for example if you delete your account like you have like 15 days window or so where if you just log back in into the app your account is restored here it's not the case so just be careful when you delete your account seems It's not restorable and then you can always reach out to their help here if if you really want to get your account back and then just reach out here and then uh yeah uh reach out to the intercom chat and try to fix the issue

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