Can you recover NGL ACCOUNT?

If you're wondering whether you can recover your NGL account or not, the answer is not straightforward. It depends on what exactly you did, as explained in this video transcript.

If you deleted your NGL account by tapping the button in your settings, then unfortunately, there's no way to recover it. According to the message you see when you delete your account, you'll lose access to your username and all of your questions. So, if you had an NGL link that you shared with your followers or on your website, that link will stop working.

However, if you just deleted the app or changed your phone without deleting your account specifically, then you can recover your account easily. Just log in again by entering the same Instagram username associated with your NGL account.

In the latter case, your NGL link will still work and you won't lose any data. But, if you deleted your account, then you'll have to create a new NGL account with a different link and start over.

In summary, if you're not sure whether you deleted your NGL account or just uninstalled the app, try logging in again with your Instagram username. That way, you can recover your account without losing any data. But, if you intentionally deleted your account, there's no way to recover it, unfortunately.

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