Can you reenable Discovery feed in BeReal? Instead of Friends of friends

Can you re-enable the discovery feed in BeReal instead of Friends of Friends?

In a recent video transcript, a user discusses the limitations of the current BeReal app. The user raises the issue of the current feed, which only shows interactions between friends of your friends. They express a desire to bring back the previous discovery feed, which allowed for a wider range of connections and shared content.

The user explains that the current feed consists of photos shared by your friends and their extended network. While it is possible to share your own content to this feed, the user suggests that many people find it cumbersome and would prefer a simpler solution. Unfortunately, the transcript reveals that it is not currently possible to re-enable the old discovery feed.

BeReal does offer a privacy section where users can disable the friends of friends feature. However, this does not bring back the beloved discovery feed. The discrepancy lies in the fact that the friend feed is considered more private since it consists only of content from close friends, while the discovery feed allows for the sharing and viewing of photos by individuals outside of one's immediate circle.

The current feed, a mix of friends of friends, does not seem to satisfy users who prefer a cleaner and more focused experience. Many opt to disable the feature entirely and stick with the friends-only feed that BeReal originally offered.

At present, BeReal users will have to make do without the discovery feed. It remains to be seen if the company will consider bringing back this popular feature or introduce alternative ways to connect with a broader audience.

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