Can you reenable Discovery/Global feed in BeReal?

The latest update to the Beryl app has prompted some users to wonder if it is possible to re-enable the Discovery/Global feed. Previously, when you opened the Beryl app, you would see the global discovery feed. However, with the recent update, this feed has been replaced by the friends of friends feed.

If you are curious about why this change was made, it seems that Beryl's intention is to create a more intimate and social experience for its users. The focus now is on sharing content with a select group of people, such as friends and friends of friends. Beryl believes that users may be more interested in what their immediate connections are doing, rather than what everyone else in the world is up to.

While Beryl's new approach has its benefits, some users may still prefer the option to switch back to the Discovery feed. Unfortunately, it appears that this is no longer possible. Beryl has completely removed the Discovery feed without providing an option to reinstate it.

It's worth noting that Beryl has been releasing a series of quick updates lately, and this change is just one of many. Perhaps, in future updates, Beryl might consider reintroducing the option to switch to the Discovery feed for users who prefer a broader range of content.

Although Beryl's decision to remove the Discovery feed may not sit well with some users, it's important to remember that app updates and changes are often made with the aim of improving the user experience. Beryl's intention to foster a more intimate and social environment may resonate with many users who value closer connections over a broad global reach.

As technology continues to evolve, app developers and companies like Beryl will undoubtedly continue refining their offerings to meet the changing preferences of their user base. It will be interesting to see how users respond to Beryl's new direction and whether the demand for a Discovery feed will influence future updates.

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