Can you register ENS DOMAIN with EMOJI?

hey everyone so can you register and see domain with emojis so here i'm just trying to do that um okay so i'm just trying to and i was searching in faq and they say yes you can do that so let's just try to do that so now let's see that so if i try to do something like this and then just search yep this name contains hci characters please be aware that there are characters either advice into english letters special letters from cyrillic and greek also traditional chinese characters can look at them very similar so yeah so you can get it um and you can register that no no problem but just uh yeah uh be sure that uh it it works because some people can do can mistype it or maybe there should be just a very distinct emoji like because there are so many similar emojis like similar smiley emojis like you can see this this this smiling emojis are very similar um so yeah i don't know exactly how that would work but and if someone sends you ethereum to that address there are some risks but of course it looks funny and nice and it's in the here in the url um so that's cool and also it's a way if your username is taken you can quickly register that username is emoji so hope that is helpful

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