Can you remove a song from Locket post?

Can you remove a song from Locket post?

If you are wondering if it is possible to remove a song from a locket post after you have attached it, unfortunately, the simple answer is no. According to a recent video transcript, once you have attached music to a locket widget, be it from Spotify, Apple Music, or any music provider, you can't remove it anymore.

So, what are your options?

Firstly, you can delete the entire locket post if removing that one song is really important to you. This may not be ideal, but it is the only way to get rid of a song from a locket post, once it's been added.

Alternatively, if you wish to keep the post but want to remove the song, you can unlink the music provider. Once you have done this, the next time you post a song, it won't be attached, hence no music will be played.

In conclusion, if you plan to create a locket post, and are not sure if you want to attach music to it, keep in mind that once attached, it's permanent. So, think twice before you hit that attach button!

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