okay so here is slack so can you rename channel since like that's the uh popular question of course there are like standard channels like general random um but uh which you can't rename uh but i'm also like looking here that even the channel which i created on a free workspace i can't actually rename them i can just add topic add description i can create them and the only way to do it is just leave channel and create a new channel um so yep that's about it you can archive channel for everyone and then just start a new channel with a different name so that's what i know uh if you um yeah if you know other um options or if you know how to rename my channel in slack just leave it in the comments below please please a lot of people looking how to do it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Displaying different names for agen...
Displaying different names for agents in Salesforce Chat
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