Can you RESTORE DELETED ChatGPT account?

so some of my viewers and YouTube are asking can you restore your deleted GPT account I need to say that this information I'm just going through website and this information changes rapidly so I think every week or so they just updating it here because the app is obviously developing so quickly so at the moment what it says here account deletion is permanent I will remove data associated with your account so you won't be able to make an account again in the future so yeah that's what you have um what does it mean yeah so it's not possible to restore your account basically at this moment but of course like at the moment you can sign up with Google account or Microsoft account what if I have you know like five uh Google accounts like with my one personal one with my work account another personal um maybe yeah at that point you can just create another account Visa another Google account I don't know if it's the right way or if it's allowed to do that maybe you won't be even allowed to do that again so this part I don't know is just as officially here that if you just delete your account you won't be able to make an account again in the future so that's a bit too harsh I would say because there are so many situations where you just want to be sure to delete your account and all the data so it should be your right to do it and I think it's a bit harsh like that you just can't restore it um you can always reach out to their support and their help center like this um yeah sometimes I also need to say that prompts specific prompts are not deletable so if you're using charge Deputy you like it but then you just wrote some sensitive prompt and you just want to delete that piece of data not the holiday account it's also not possible to do that so it's not possible to delete a one separate prompt so what can you do then it's like then you just need to delete your whole account but then you still need your account you want to restore it and it's not restorable so it doesn't make a lot of sense at this moment but hopefully it will resume in it will be some kind of Solutions in future

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